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Ankit Kanodia: CEO at United Inventory Management

  • Degree: BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering (2013)
  • Home country: India
  • Now working: India
  • Role: CEO at United Inventory Management

My story

When I studied at Manchester the job market, especially for international students was quite tough and is still quite tough. While, I did have offers from engineering and banking companies in the UK, I opted to study further in order to complete my basic education.

Job hunting challenges

The companies I was targeting were interested in training and relocating me to a different parts of the world once training was complete. This does sound exciting to some of you and you may be looking for exactly these opportunities, but for me this limited my options in terms of my work profile and exposure in the industry, as well as places of work.

Due to numerous applicants sending in their profiles each day, it was hard to get noticed among the ever piling stacks of applicants.

Social networks and contacts for job hunting were highly important to me securing a role. It is important and easier to connect with your prospective employer over LinkedIn to get noticed immediately.

My time in Manchester

My course was Mechanical Engineering at The University of Manchester. The University of Manchester is a brand in itself recognised all over the world. Manchester is also home to two of the most world popular football clubs - Manchester United and Manchester City. My degree was recognised by numerous employers in the UK, Germany and Singapore.

My time at the University taught me some very valuable skills including time management and I developed a targeted approach in my understanding and planning for my career. Understanding what I wanted, and then working out a plan to achieve it was one of the most important lessons that I learned outside the classroom.

In these modern times it’s important to build more than just a CV to get a job. It involves having an in-depth understanding of your prospective roles and your employer through information from their social media presence, alumni, your peers and your broader network.

Suggestions for other students

Whilst it is important to maintain high scores, it is equally important to participate in numerous activities like sports, conferences, societies and research related projects during the summer and work closely with your professors and the university services. It helps to maintain good relationships and develop a deeper understanding and interest in your chosen subjects.

Make the most of your time while you are here! Travel, explore, adopt.

Whilst it is important to maintain high scores, it is equally important to participate in activities like sports, conferences, societies and research related projects. Ankit Kanodia, 2013 graduate