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Qiongying Huang: Talent Acquisition Executive

  • Degree: MSc. Human Resource Management (2011)
  • Home country: China
  • Now working: UK
  • Now working: Talent Acquisition Executive at Global Career Company

My story

Brilliant career progression

After graduation, I put my CV on some commercial job boards and started from a call centre sales position. From April 2012 I also started working as a part-time translator at The Careers Service within The University of Manchester. My main responsibilities included: documents translation, liaison with Chinese students, and to promote career information online.

Then I moved to my current position as a Talent Acquisition Executive at Global Career Company. Up to now I have been in charge of two main projects, “Careers in Africa, London Summit” and “Campus Ambassador Program”. I would say that it was creative thinking and persistence which helped me stand out.

Job hunting in the UK is never easy

The biggest challenge facing Chinese students in my opinion would be lack of quality experience. Quality internship experiences from international companies are of great importance for you to stand out from other candidates.

My time in Manchester

My internship at World Health Organisation (WHO)

During my time at Manchester, I was lucky enough to gain an opportunity, informed from one of Manchester Alumni, to work as an intern at WHO. I performed well and initiated and organized a UN Career Forum for interns from Geneva-based UN organizations. I initiated and implemented a first-ever outreach project to identify universities with a large, diverse pool of potential candidates and so on.

Visit speaker experience

I also had the chance to work as a Field Visit Speaker for The University of Manchester. I delivered a talk at the Belgian Development Agency about the International Special HR Case Study. I identified, researched and collated resources in order to develop quality session plans, and undertook evaluations of the session. I also collected diverse students’ feedback, conducted feedback reports for BDA HR Team and The University of Manchester.

The most important thing I learnt from the experience was: be prepared for anything and try as much as you can.

Suggestions for other students

Start to find internship opportunities related to your study within international companies and organisations

Timing is very important; start job hunting from October once enrolled, especially for one year master students. For undergraduate students: be prepared to apply for internship opportunities. Your social network is very helpful, as I found information of a valuable internship from a Manchester Alumnus.

Make the most of Manchester!

  • International internship experience is very valuable
  • Use Manchester Careers Service
  • Start to build up your network with Alumni
  • Social Media such as LinkedIn is useful
  • Job sites and recruitment agencies are helpful
Quality internship experiences from international companies are of great importance to make you stand out from other candidates.Qiongying Huang, 2011 graduate