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Wenjing Zhao: Professor

  • Degree: PhD of Translation Studies (2005)
  • Home country: China
  • Now working: China
  • My role now: Professor, Henan Normal University

My story

Brilliant career progression after graduation

Not long after my graduation from the University of Manchester in 2005, I published a book based on my PhD thesis entitled "The Cultural Manipulation of Translation Activities: Hu Shi's rewriting and the construction of a new culture" (2006) which then gained a provincial reward. After that I published several research articles in journals on translation studies that helped me to be promoted full professor.

Now I have been frequently invited to give keynote speeches at the state and international conferences on translation studies and to lecture at various universities. I am the Director of the Centre for Translation Studies at Henan Normal University. In my current role I teach and supervise postgraduates and undergraduates for translation theories and practice, and organise teaching and research activities on translation studies.

Research achievements

A monograph and quite a few articles on translation studies have been published in the highly refereed journals both at home and abroad. In translation practice, I translated a book by Professor Mona Baker, Translation and Conflict: On Narrative Account (a theoretical monograph, rather difficult to be translated) that has gained popularity in translation research area.

My Manchester qualification helps me in my career

I have been frequently invited to lecture at different universities and to be a keynote speaker at various conferences on translation studies. I gained research project grants from provincial and national research organisations. If I had not gone through PhD, I would never have achieved all this. With this qualification, it's much easier for me to communicate with colleagues since Manchester University, especially the Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies is so influential and prestigious, it's PhD degree has a high value in the world.

My time in Manchester

The University has been an excellent place for learning and doing research. The instructors of the CTIS (Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies) are not only quite capable and well-known in the area but also very responsible. Besides, the people in Manchester are very nice and friendly. The city is also very beautiful indeed. My life there was very enjoyable and unforgettable.

The most valuable aspect(s) of my time at Manchester were, perhaps, my progress reports to the panel, the supervision talks with my supervisor, walks to the national parks with my colleagues and my volunteering with the elderly occasionally at the weekends. All of them were a lot of fun. Life there was both challenging and interesting.

Suggestions for other students

If you want to pursue a PhD degree in translation studies, The University of Manchester is certainly a better choice. Of course, you should be both interested in and good at bilingualism and biculturalism and develop good translation skills and experience. Learn how to select useful materials from huge piles of references and journals in the library. Then, there will be a lot of fun in your studies.

I have been frequently invited to lecture at different universities and to be a keynote speaker at various conferences on translation studies.Wenjing Zhao, 2005 graduate