Careers Service

Veronica (Yiran) Zhu: Lecturer

  • Degree: MSc in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations (2013)
  • Home country: China
  • Now working: China
  • My role: Lecturer at Chongqing University of Technology

My time in Manchester

The degree is helpful

For my current job as a lecturer at Chongqing University of Technology, the degree of The University of Manchester is of great significance and helped me a lot.

I found a job in International office

During my time at Manchester, I had the chance to work at the International Office for 6 months, which was useful for my career and helped me gain confidence as well.

I also found The Careers Service quite helpful to increase employability.

My story

I chose the most suitable offer by awareness of what I desire

Dating back to that time, I did receive many offers from varied companies including a consulting company and NGO. Some of them could guarantee me a Household Register in Beijing City, which is sometimes regarded as a very attractive offer. Other companies provided me with the chances of travelling abroad. After all the consideration about what I desire to do and what I am suitable for, however, I chose my current job now, which is the one I enjoy most.

Preparing for the recruitment fairs

When international students apply for jobs and experience in the UK, the biggest challenge, in my opinion, would be the lack of perseverance and endurance when facing disappointments and failure. Another lesson for me is that you must be able to grab the opportunities and prepare yourself for the recruitment fairs held in October when most big organisations are bringing people in.

Stand out from the crowd

As for me, besides international study experience, which is very helpful, it is comprehensive abilities and communication skills that actually help me stand out from the crowd. Also the social network is another important factor as you can learn from other excellent students by sharing experience and brilliant thought.

Suggestions for other students

Make the most of your time in the UK

Don’t spend all of your time with Chinese students, practice your English and learn the culture, go travelling and learn from what you see and what you feel and never miss any opportunities which can help your working visa. Be yourself!

Suggestions for job applications

Many good organisations have online tests, so prepare and practice the questions as early as you can, then you might be able to enter the stage of face-to-face interviews. Otherwise, maybe not.

I had the chance to work at the International Office for 6 months, which was useful for my career and helped me gain confidence.