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Qi Bao: Investment consultant

  • Degree: Msc Finance (2010)
  • Home country: China
  • Now working: China
  • My role now: Investment Consultant at China Merchants Securities

My story

I am now an analyst in a top 5 investment bank in China. I give investment recommendations to my clients. It requires knowledge and asks even more for the softer skills, especially when the market goes opposite way.

After graduation I applied online for a job and got enrolled. My experience abroad is of crucial importance to my job hunting. Social networks and contacts may be even more important than academic scores for job hunting.

My time in Manchester

Try different things while you are still young

I worked as a tutor for undergraduates on my majors. There are students in the city who need after-class tutoring, which can be found on websites. I also worked as a writer for an organisation, where I provide original academic articles which helped enhance my theoretical foundation in career and ability to learn. I've done some volunteer jobs on campus and I have also taken part in several workshops about different topics ranging from bioscience to literature. The advice from career service centre also helped a lot in my career.

My experience has taught me two things

The first is determination in front of failure. Each time I looked for a part-time job or internship, I tested myself out and faced the possibility of being rejected and it did happen several times. After that, I got used to rejection and failure, and became fearless of them. Students should know that failure is usual in their career. The important thing is they stand up after each failure. The second thing is to think in clients' shoes. This can rarely be learned from student life. Part-time jobs brought different clients, whose needs vary and whose complaints last. Students may learn to control their moods and handle clients' complaints in their part-time jobs. These soft skills are crucial in one's career.

Suggestions for other students

  • Try out different situations and challenge yourself.
  • Seek methods of trouble-shooting.
Gaining softer skills is crucial to getting the career you wantQi Bao, 2010 graduate