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Jamie Wang: Financial Strategy and Management Consultant

  • Degree: BSc. Management - International Business Economics (2011)
  • Home Country: China
  • Now working: China
  • My Role Now: I’m currently focusing on financial strategy and management at Deloitte Consulting.

My story

Auditor at Deloitte!

During my time at Manchester I was considering whether I should find a job in the UK or go back to China to start my career. Finally I took part in the international recruitment at Deloitte and after interviews, was offered a job to work as an auditor in China.

Improve yourself and grab opportunities!

The abilities of every individual are different, hence the challenges facing you must be different, but I would like to suggest that your self-confidence and brilliant theoretical ability may be your most important competencies. Teamworking and leadership are a must for you to succeed as well. I encourage you to take part actively in companies’ presentations and career events to get more information and grab your own opportunities.

International study experience might be more worthwhile than you think!

If you work for a foreign company like Deloitte, although you might not find yourself with more advantages than the graduates from Chinese universities, if you keep working hard someday you will stand out, as the UK study experience has changed your thinking mode and broadened your horizons. As for Chinese companies, I have no guarantee for you, but as long as you make the most of your experience and learn as much as you can, you can and you will stand out.

My time in Manchester

Make the most of your time and gain work experience!

During my time at Manchester, I was involved in lots of events hosted by The AKPsi fraternity of which I was a fellow brother and key member. Also, I was lucky enough to have internships both in the UK and back in my home country, China. I used to work as an intern at Oxfam Finance in London and I also had another brilliant internship in the Purchasing Department at Lenovo in China.

Make the most of Manchester!

I successfully obtained a First Class degree of The University of Manchester, which turned out to be of great importance in my career. What should also be mentioned is that I managed to pass FRM and level 1 of CFA in campus. The Careers Service also offers guidance and help online and face-to-face interviews. I joined the Mentoring Programme as well.

Suggestions for other students

Play hard, but study harder. Always have your plans and have your targets.

As for Big 4. Whether it’s “good” to work in a Big 4 company or not depends on personal opinions and customs. There is no “good” or “bad”, but only the most suitable job for you. But in my opinion, Big 4 experience as a career start might be a good choice as it offers you experience you won’t get anywhere else.

Make the most of your experience and learn as much as you can, you can and you will stand out.Jamie Wang, 2011 graduate