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Advice on finding Tier 2 employers and jobs

Tier 2 overview and details

Target sponsoring employers

A requirement of the Tier 2 visa is that individuals have a certificate of sponsorship issued by an employer on the Register of Sponsors.

There are currently over 29,000 employers on the Register of Sponsors in the UK. This listing is available on the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) website and may help you to target your applications.

In addition to employer sponsorship, you also need to understand salary levels for your chosen job.

Jobs that meet the salary requirements

Tier 2 visa requires a minimum salary of £20,800 for the role, or the 'new entrant' salary given in the Codes of Practice for NVQ level 6, whichever salary is higher. You must check the Codes of Practice for the minimum salary requirement for your chosen career.

Salaries will vary depending on the type of job and sector. You can research what the typical graduate starting salaries are for jobs you are interested in on our which career pages.

Apply early

Graduate employers typically recruit a year in advance in the UK, with recruitment starting from the summer onwards for a start date of September in the following year.

You should aim to begin applying for graduate jobs at the start of your final year or masters to maximise your chances of success. Some graduate employers may hire all year round, others have fixed application deadlines which can be as early as the Autumn. Popular graduate training schemes can close early.

Sectors most likely to offer sponsorship

  • Information and communications
  • Health and social work
  • Professional, scientific and technical
  • Education
  • Financial and insurance

According to statistics from the Home Office (UKCISA website)