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Student Experience Internships for pre-final year undergraduates

Building up your work experience is vital in your journey to achieve the graduate job of your choice. The University of Manchester understands that internships are a great way to do this and therefore runs its own internship scheme, Student Experience Internships (SEI).

The scheme offers pre-final year undergraduates the opportunity to undertake an internship either within the University, or in a charity/not-for-profit organisation. All SEI internships will be paid, full-time and last up to eight weeks.

Additionally, those who obtain an internship will have access to a number of exclusive training and development opportunities over the course of the summer.

What types of opportunity are available?

There are three types of opportunities available within the SEI programme, each containing slightly different eligibility criteria.

Roles within University Schools

To apply for these roles, you must be a pre-final year undergraduate studying within that host school. There are also likely to be a small number of these opportunities available to first year students.

Positions within centralised University departments

To apply for these roles, you must be a pre-final year undergraduate and be in receipt of the full non-repayable financial grant from the UK government and/or a bursary or other form of support from the University. Those not in receipt of the financial assistance outlined prior, can apply for a maximum of five SEI roles in total.

Research Internships within the University

Research Internships are aimed at students wanting to explore what an academic career might look like. To apply for these roles, you must be a penultimate year undergraduate studying on a degree programme that does not include a placement year or a period of "Industrial Experience." If you are on, or have undertaken, a Study Abroad period as part of your degree you are also ineligible to apply.

Internships for Disabled Students

As part of the SEI scheme, we have developed some internships designed to give students with a disability, long term health condition or dyslexia the opportunity to undertake an internship in the Manchester area. If you’d like to gain some work experience within a fully supported, professional environment, here is your opportunity to do so.

Why should I apply?

Undertaking an internship will enhance your CV and ensure that you stand out to prospective employers. Take a look at the following profiles of last year’s cohort for an insight into why they applied for an SEI, how they benefited from the scheme and life as an intern.

  1. Cameron: Communications Intern
  2. Hope: Welcome Campaign Intern
  3. George: Sports Heritage Intern
  4. Letitia: Widening Access Intern
  5. Julian: Volunteering Experience Intern
  6. Hannah: Welcome Week Intern

How do I find out more?

Full details of the internships, including application instructions, are included in the job description in My Account - CareersLink which can be viewed by logging in, going to the vacancies section, and searching “SEI/18” in the keyword box. All the Student Experience Internship opportunities will include a SEI reference number, eg SEI/18/xxx.

For vacancy updates and programme information, join our Student Summer Internship Facebook Group.

How do I apply?

‌‌‌Roles within University Schools and centralised University departments, or local charities

If you are applying for a position within a University School, a centralised University department or a charity, you will apply using the SEI Application Form and a copy of your CV.

Research Internships within the University

If you are applying for a Research Internship, you will apply using the SEI Research Application Form and a copy of your CV.

Please remember to attach your CV to your application and to quote your student ID number. Completed applications should be submitted via by the closing date, quoting the SEI reference number in the subject line.

Your application will be submitted to The Internships Team in The Careers Service for initial screening before being sent to the hiring manager for final selection.

Take some time to check out The Careers Service CV and LinkedIn Guide before submitting your application.

What's the recruitment timetable?

SEI 2018 open on 5th February 2018.

Please check individual job descriptions in CareersLink for their closing dates.

What happens afterwards?

If you are successful in gaining an internship you will be required to attend an exclusive Development Support Programme of workshops and training. This will consist of sessions delivered by both employers and Careers Service staff.

The programme is devised not only to help you make the most of your internship experience and meet with other interns, but also to help you translate your experience effectively into competencies.

Unsuccessful applicants will be able to obtain feedback and additional support on how to make successful applications.

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