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Work & Study Overseas

Many students and graduates travel abroad to either work or study. People choose to travel abroad either for casual work, placements, voluntary work or a as part of a permanent relocation. Others may choose to study either as part of their degree or for further qualifications.

If you are planning on working abroad for the first time, studying in a different country, or are an international student returning to your home country it's essential that you do your research beforehand. As well as understanding the opportunities which exist and how job hunting or the educational system works in your chosen country, you also need to think about practical issues such as visas, wages and accommodation.

Regional and Country information

The following pages focus on different regions and countries which are either popular with Manchester students and graduates or where the experience of Manchester graduates are particularly sought. Profiles cover information on job hunting, internships & placements, employers, visas & immigration and studying.


In addition to the country and regional information in this section the Careers Service also subscribes to a tool called GoinGlobal, a set of job hunting profiles for over 50 countries. Each GoinGlobal profile includes information on job vacancy sites, job applications and interview tips as well as advice on how to be culturally aware. Its a really useful resource for both international students planning on returning home and other students and graduates looking to explore career opportunities abroad.

  • Access GoinGlobal Accessible through your careers account - Careerslink. Use the button in the side bar.