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Your employment rights

When you work within the UK, you are protected by laws which aim to prevent unfair treatment of employees. Some become rights when (or before) you first start work. Others protect you after a period of time with an employer. If you familiarise yourself with these laws before you start a job, you will understand your rights and what you can and cannot reasonably expect from an employer.

There are a number of issues you should consider when starting work.

  • Can you afford to do unpaid work and should you be expected to?
  • Are you being paid the right amount for your age - what is the minimum wage?
  • What deductions are taken from my wages? Tax and national insurance.
  • Is the job you are looking at legal or is it a scam?

Further sources of advice on your rights

  • Employment Law Telephone Advice Line run by BPP student volunteers – Tel 0161 235 7178

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