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Manchester Gold - FAQs

FAQs – questions you may have before applying for Manchester Gold.

How much time do I need to dedicate to the mentoring partnership?

  • We advise that you dedicate around 2 hours a month to the 6-month partnership. Manchester Gold is an important programme for the University. There is always a high demand for mentors from students and we take steps to ensure that we are selecting mentees who are dedicated and who will benefit from their participation. We would therefore encourage applications from students who feel that they can fulfil their commitment to the programme.

Who are the mentors?

  • Our mentors are a mix of University of Manchester alumni, recruiters and staff. All are volunteers and are keenly offering to work on a one-to-one basis with you. Many want to give something back, share the knowledge they have gained of opportunities after graduation and guide current students. Some are also talent spotting for their organisation.

What activities can I expect to undertake with my mentor?

  • We don’t specify what activities you should undertake with you mentor, this depends on what advice and support you need and what the mentor is able to help you with. You may want to talk to your mentor about career aspirations, your mentor’s career to date, organisational and industry changes, skills and competencies needed, company culture, prospects, day-to-day working life, you skills portfolio, CVs, interview techniques etc.

Will the mentor be able to offer me some work experience or a job?

  • No, it is not a prerequisite for mentors to provide work shadowing or experience opportunities, however some mentors may be able to offer this.

If I apply for Manchester Gold Mentoring, will I be guaranteed a mentor?

  • No, unfortunately we cannot always guarantee a mentor for each applicant. We do always receive many more applications than we have available mentors, particularly for certain industries.

When will I hear if I have been successful in gaining a place on the programme?

  • If you have been successfully accepted onto the programme, you will be informed by the end of October (for the Autumn programme), February (for the Spring programme) and June (for the Finalists programme). Manchester Gold mentors are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore, if you are accepted onto the programme, please attend an information session at your earliest convenience.

I don't know what I want to do. Should I apply for a Manchester Gold mentor?

  • If you are unsure of which job roles or industry you are interested in, we encourage you to set up a guidance appointment with one of our Careers Consultants, to explore your options. Mentoring is best suited to students who have some idea about what they want to do in the future.

FAQs – questions you may have after successful gaining a place on Manchester Gold and attending an information session

How do I request a mentor?

  • Firstly, register on the Manchester Network. You should then browse our list of exclusive Manchester Gold mentors, before requesting a mentor who best matches your career interests and goals. Please ensure that when you send a request, you explain to the mentor what support you need through the Manchester Gold programme, and why you think this mentor best suits your current mentoring needs. Remember to check your message for any spelling or grammatical errors before you press send. You should only send one request at a time.
  • Please note that the Manchester Gold team checks each request to ensure that the match is suitable, before it is forwarded to the mentor for consideration.
  • Once a mentor agrees to a match through the Manchester Network, the partnership is confirmed. Students must, therefore, be sure of every mentor request they make. If a mentor declines your request, you can search and select an alternative one.

How do I find out if a mentor has accepted/declined my mentoring request?

  • If accepted, you will receive a message through the Manchester Network from the mentor confirming the match. If declined, you will also receive a message and you can return to the Manchester Network portal to search for an alternative mentor.

I cannot find a suitable mentor on the Manchester Network, what should I do?

  • Firstly, we encourage you to be open-minded about the type of mentor that you should connect with. All our mentors have volunteered for this programme and are keen to help, share their experiences and offer their advice. We encourage mentors to accept students who are from the same degree background as themselves but lack experience in their field/sector. It is also good for you to have exposure to different career paths that you may not be aware of. If you are unable to find a suitable mentor, please contact the mentoring team at

I sent a request to a mentor but I have not received a response. What should I do?

  • Give your mentor a few days to respond. If they have not responded after 5 days, we will send a follow-up message. If after 7 days you don't hear from your requested mentor, we'll cancel the request, and you can select another mentor.