Careers Service

Robert Derevski

Name: Robert Derevski
Course: BSocSc (Hons) Politics and International Relations
Year of Study: Second year
Graduation Year: 2019

“The Work Experience Bursary Scheme is a perfect financial assistance for those who want to obtain the experience but have no excessive means for that. The bursary enabled me to pass the internship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of my country without being worried about my accommodation expenses in the capital city. The experience I got and the skills I enhanced were totally worth of applying for the bursary and spending two months working as an intern. Without the Careers Service’s support, I would have been unable to afford the expenses and get the valuable knowledge of the work that I undertook. It also enabled me to understand what my field of interest is. I can definitely recommend everyone to seize the opportunity and apply for the Work Experience Bursary if you need it.”