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Ask me about

If you are unable to commit to a long-term mentoring programme and you would prefer to connect with a mentor on a short-term basis for careers-related advice, then our ‘Ask me about’ mentoring resource is perfect for you. You will normally exchange between 2-4 messages with your mentor through ‘Ask me about’.

All undergraduates, Masters students, doctoral researchers, as well as staff and alumni of The University of Manchester are welcome to connect with mentors using ‘Ask me about’.

Mentors can be approached for a range of services, including: advice via email or telephone, reviewing a CV, reviewing a job application, work shadowing (observation only), work experience, full internship, jobs, and assistance with a degree project.

Mentors can be approached at any time during the year for advice. There is no formal application process and you can simply log on to the Manchester Network to connect with mentors.

We do have a wide range of mentors with varying degrees of experience and expertise in many different fields and we hope that ‘Ask me about’ can support you in exploring options, making decisions and preparing for life after University.

Requesting a mentor through ‘Ask me about’

  1. To get started, register with the Manchester Network. Click on ‘Student & Staff Login’ and enter your University username and password.
  2. Complete your mentee profile, as requested. You can use the LinkedIn sync button if you wish, or you can complete your profile manually using the 'edit' buttons.
  3. Click on the Mentoring tab (top toolbar) and click on 'Search' to start searching for potential mentors.
  4. Click on the mentoring service that you require (advice via email, for example) or click on a specific industry to browse the list of available mentors.
  5. You can also put multiple keywords in the search box, for example 'marketing; international', to narrow down your search.
  6. View mentor profiles by clicking on their name. Please use the blue 'Go back' button rather than the broswer back button when using the Manchester Network.
  7. When you have found a suitable ‘Ask me about’ mentor, click the blue 'send request' button, type your message to the mentor, and press 'send'.
  8. Wait to hear from your mentor. A response will be delieverd to your Manchester Network inbox.

Any questions? Please contact us at

I sent a request to a mentor but I have not received a response. What should I do?

Allow your mentor a few days to respond to your initial request. After this, try sending a follow-up message. If your mentor doesn’t respond to your 2nd message within 7 days, please cancel the request and search for another mentor. If you're still having issues, please contact us at

What type of questions should I ask my mentor?

Here are some of the most common topics/questions our students ask from their mentors:

  • Entry routes into specific sectors and networking opportunities
  • Insights into a role/sector/organisation
  • Essential skills and experience needed for specific roles

I have exchanged several messages with my ‘Ask me about’ mentor and would like to continue speaking to them, is this possible?

If you and your mentor feel that you would benefit from further mentoring support, you may be able to 'upgrade' your current partnership to a Manchester Gold mentoring match. Please contact us about this,