Careers Service

Prepare for the fair

  • Top Tip 1
    Find out in advance which companies are attending by checking our exhibitor list. Keep checking, as this list is regularly updated. Do some research on the orginsations in advance so can decide which are of interest to you which will help you make the most of your visit.

  • Top Tip 2
    Some organisations will be very familiar to you. If it’s a brand you’ve heard of your first instinct might be they will only offering certain types of roles, but in fact companies have all sorts of roles open to all degree subjects, such as marketing and HR, so be open minded!

    Did you know that 70% of graduate vacancies are open to students with any degree?

  • Top Tip 3
    If there are companies you want to target, find out about their recruitment process online beforehand. This means when you speak to a recruiter you can use your time wisely to find gain a real insight and find out information which isn’t available online. By asking smart questions you can make a great impression and gain information to enhance your application.

  • Top Tip 4
    If you haven’t had any time to research in advance then please speak to us at the Registration Desk where we can help you plan your visit.

How to approach an employer

Employers will be more impressed if you have done some preparation, so try to work out a few simple questions in advance. For example:

• I'm a second year student and on course to get a 2.1 but what things other than my degree result do you look for when you recruit?
• Could you please tell me about your training programme for new graduates?
• If I was to be accepted on to a placement with you, what would the position involve?
• I'm a final year student in ________ and I was wondering what types of vacancies would be most suitable for me.

How an employer may approach you

You may be asked questions by the exhibitor to enable them to find out a little more about you. They may ask about:

• Your degree and the relevant knowledge you can offer
• Your skills, such as team working and communication
• The reasons why you are considering a career in your chosen field
• What you know about their organisation
• What you know about the industry

Think about what you are going to say before rushing off to see your favourite employer. Visit a couple of other employers first to ease yourself in and gain confidence.

Make a note of the name of the employer representative you speak to you. This will give you a contact to follow up later on and possibly refer to in a future application to illustrate your interest in the company.