Careers Service

Where to find information

  • In advance of the fair, regularly check the Exhibitor A-Z list on the website.
  • Join the Facebook event group to get regular updates about the fair.
  • Email or phone our Careers Service on 0161 275 2829 if you have specific questions.

To do before the fair

  • Take a look at the links on on the right hand side of the page. There's useful information here on how to make the most of the fair and how you can prepare for it.
  • Check out the Exhibitor lists for to find out who will be there, and do some research.
  • Check out the individual exhibitors' websites, for those you are more interested in applying to.
  • Rehearse your selling points, so that you can impress in a short time.
  • Have a few simple questions prepared in advance to help introduce yourself to the employers and to prove your interest in their company.
  • Save time on the day by registering in advance and bringing your e-ticket with you.

Tips for the fair

  • Dress smartly, first impressions count.
  • Some company representatives may assess you quite quickly and just ask you for your CV to consider you in more detail later, or may ask you to fill in their application form online. In other cases, your discussion with them may be longer and more like a short first interview. Be prepared to be flexible.
  • After you have talked to the company's representative, make sure you know what the next stage is. If you are offered a second interview by someone, make a note of their name.
  • Take a break. Light refreshments are on sale at the Armitage Centre.