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To access the tests

  • Log into your careers account - CareersLink
  • Select the Additional resources tab
  • From the dropdown list select Psychometric test login details

A PDF will open with the web address to use and the login details for the tests.

Who can use this service

These resources have been licensed from the test publishers, Team Focus, by The University of Manchester Careers Service subject to the following conditions:

The assessments are licensed to the staff of the University Careers Service for careers guidance and self-development with students enrolled at The University of Manchester and eligible graduates of The University of Manchester.

The assessments may not be used for selection or staff development or in any employer/employee relationship.

What are the online assessments?

The tests include:

  • Type Dynamics indicator - looks at your preferences and style according to four different dimensions of personality.
  • Learning styles indicator - this looks at the way you approach learning.
  • Career Interests Inventory - this questionnaire will help you understand more about your interests and kinds of work that may be suitable for you.

All of the assessments on this site have been developed by experienced business psychologists and conform to the British Psychological Society's guidelines for best practice.

The responses to the tests may be used for statistical purposes and to produce technical papers and supplements as part of the ongoing development of the tests. All data and analyses will be done in a way that will ensure confidentiality, and will be carried out under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998, in relation to all personal data and sensitive personal data you provide.

The University's Careers Service has staff with specific training in interpreting the types of assessment available through this website. If you would like to discuss the results of your assessments with a member of staff, please arrange an appointment to see a Careers Consultant at the University's Careers Service.